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On Line Training & Recruiting Programs for Serious Players, Coaches and Parents

For Players who have a Passion to get to the "NEXT LEVEL"



The Absolutes of Hitting . . . and More

Membership includes exclusive unlimited access to in-depth instructional sessions and drill sets to address any problem: Video Files, Manuals, downloads and more.

With today's technology there is no excuse for confusing players with outdated information and "pet" theories. Lets see"What the Good Hitters Do" . . . The Camera  Doesn't Lie.

This is your private personal page with all of your Video Analysis sessions, Hit Trax and Progress Reports for you to review in the privacy of your own home. You will also have exclusive unlimited access to our library of video drill and instructional sets with recommendations for those that will help most with any required adjustments to your swing.

Presenting "Cutting Edge" information taught at the Major League level. Learn the difference between personal style and the absolute fundamentals demonstrated by ALL high level hitters.

Utilize interactive training videos to show you how your mechanics, timing and approach compare next to PRO hitters. Create a training and drills program designed to get you to the "Next Level" Review your past sessions to track progress and stay on track.

Upload additional game and training videos for in depth analysis and evaluation. Maintain a video record of your progress with regular updates.Upload additional game and training videos for in depth analysis and evaluation. Maintain a video record of your progress with regular updates.

Pro Series Hitters Training Sessions offer players the resources they need to prepare for the competition they WILL face at the "Next Level".

This site is dedicated to all who are serious about hitting and what it is that separates successful hitters from the rest.

Now we can throw out our "Pet Theories" and opinions and see what really happens in those split

For Players who have a passion to get better For Coaches who have a passion to help them get better
and For Parents who are supporting their dreams . . .

Your player Dashboard is your private "ON LINE Classroom" where you can upload your videos for interactive evaluation and analysis. See how your mechanics and approach compare next to top level hitters. Create a personalized training and drills program to get you to the "Next Level"

Learn what scouts and recruiters are looking for.


In Depth Videos about all things hitting

See videos, articles and programs to help you develop the quickness, Strength & Power to deliver an explosive swing.

Browse "Player Resources" - Site links, articles and other good info for serious players . . . And for parents and coaches of serious players.

Get involved in the discussion. Go to the Pro Series Forum with The latest in recruiting news and dive deeper into the latest hitting Let’s talk hitting.



Promoting Players to the "NEXT LEVEL"

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Players . . .

Your Personal Recruiting Profile:

Create your profile and begin promoting yourself to college recruiters and scouts. Include photo's, video's, awards and achievements. Post your upcoming schedule of games and events.

Receive regular tips and hints about improving your chances at the "Next Level".

Access our Resource Library for in-depth recruiting info including college site links, articles and information to improve yourself and your game.

Parents . . .

Navigate the Recruiting Process:

Access and update your student athlete's on-line profile.

Use your site dashboard to update information, monitor recruiting communications and track training milestones.

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Recruiters & Scouts . . .

Free Access - No Need to Sign up or Log in:

  • Sort players by Grad Year - Position - State -School - Club Team - GPA . . . and more.

  • Find in-depth info for each player including academic & athletic accomplishments, photos, videos, game & event schedules, training metrics, personal referrals and contact information. 

  • Check out our Recruiting Forum and join the discussion. Communicate with high school, travel team and college coaches.​​

School & Club Coaches . . .

Promote Your Players for Greater Exposure:

  • Add value to your program by providing our Recruiting Platform for your players and parents.

  • Learn more about our Team Program

Bundle Academy & Recruiting Programs for Additional Savings. 

see Plans & Pricing for Details

Meet Pro Series Skipper  Mike Brooks

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