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Pro Series Hitters Training Sessions offer players the resources they need to prepare for the competition they WILL face at the "Next Level".

The ultimate training tool for hitters used by MLB and collegiate programs. The next best thing to live, competitve pitching. It delivers Major League quality pitches thrown to multiple positions both within and outside the strike zone at speeds between 60 and 100 MPH. It throws virtually any pitch that a pitcher can throw, including fastballs, sinkers, cutters, split finger fastballs, curves, sliders and changeups which permit a hitter to simulate game-like conditions in a batting cage.

RIGHT VIEW PRO - Video Evaluation & Analysis
RVP’s video analysis system is built with state-of-the-art technology and designed specifically for baseball/fastpitch swing analysis. The true power of the RVP system is its ability to compare student skills against the very best players in the game. RVP is the only swing analysis system licensed to use professional players as models. Before any player can improve, he needs a clear mental picture of what success looks like.  With RVP, we can walk a student through a hitting motion indicating what is expected at each phase of the motion.

HitTrax is the world’s first and only data capture & simulation system that precisely measures key performance metrics for baseball and fastpitch. View the hit live as if you are playing in your favorite stadium. HitTrax accurately measures the speed and trajectory of the ball while calculating the realistic outcome. You now know if that hard line drive to left reached the seats! Know your strengths, identify your weaknesses. HitTrax instantly provides real-time statistics and key performance metrics. The immediate feedback empowers hitters, leading to more productive training sessions with quantitative results.

Hitting Reports
•    Exit Ball Velocity
•    Distance of Hit
•    Launch Angle/Elevation
•    Batting Average
•    Hard Hit Average
•    % of Line Drives / Fly Balls / Ground Balls
•    SLG and OPS
•    Spray Charts
•    Strike Zone Analysis



Set yourself apart. Train to Deliver the Bat with Explosive Power.  Nothing makes a hitter more dangerous than the ability to hit the ball with power. Our program will help you develop the rotational power, the maximal strength, and the explosiveness to drive the ball harder and farther than you ever have before. Pro Series Core Training tools offers a way to combine speed training with strength training. Speed and strength combined is referred to as power, and our program helps develop athletic power. 


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SESSIONS INCLUDE Professional Instruction and a program incorporating our  training stations. Pro Batter Virtual Pitcher,  Hit Trax Analytics System, Right View Pro Video Analysis, Tee/Soft Toss Drills and our  Power Development Program are utilized in providing players the tools to become the best they can be.