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** Special Pricing Offer - See Below **

Good Through November 30, 2018

EFFECTIVE 10/21/2018

NEW FOR FALL 2019  •  For Serious Hitters Preparing for the  2020 Season


10 One Hour** Private Instruction Sessions including:

  • Pro Batter Virtual Pitcher - 80 to 100 Game Quality PItches Including Curve Balls and Off Speed.

  • Hit Trax Analytics - Track Development and Progress in Ball Off Bat Velocity, Distance & More.

  • RVP Video Analysis - Check Mechanics and Movement Patterns Next to Big League Hitters.

  • Dynamic Core Warm-Up.

  • Power Development Program - Swing Builder, Power Bag, Hit Chain, Overload Bats & Balls.

Open Holiday Hitting  Times - Unlimited Swings Against Pro Batter w/ Hit Trax Analytics:

  • Drop In between 10am and 3PM - November 11, 27, 29 / December 23, 26, 27, 30 / January 2, 3.

  • 45 Hours of Open Hitting Time - Drop in - Stay As Long as You Want.

  • Includes use of T's and Power Development Equipment.

To Register and Schedule Private Sessions:

Click  "BOOK SESSIONS"  Button to see Available Times and Make Payment. To Request and Confirm Appointment • Text 253-209-3680 or email

**ONE HOUR SESSIONS: Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to complete Dynamic Warm-Up with PSB specialized training equipment. Stay 15 minutes after hitting to work through our Power Development Program utilizing the Power Bag, Swing Builder, Hit Chain and Overload Drills.


  • Registration fee must be paid in full by November 3rd.

  • Private Sessions may begin November 4th and Must be Completed by January 15, 2020.

  • You May Schedule All 10 Sessions in Advance or One at a Time - First Come First Served (scheduled sessions may be changed and re-scheduled with 24 hour notice).

Registration Fee  $600

•  Extended Training Sessions: Additional time may be added to each training session (Hit Series or Single session) to include the Power Development Program. Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time to work through the Power Warm Up. Stay 15 minutes after hitting to complete the Explosive Power Development Program. Power Development Equipment includes Swing Builder, Power Bar, Hit Chain and Overload Bats and Balls.

•  Session Progress Reports: A "Session Progress Report" will be kept for each current Hit Series student. Hitter performance will be recorded following each session showing "Key Metrics", achievements and session notes.

EFFECTIVE 11/30/2018

•  New Session Prices:

Hitters Club Training Series - 5 Sessions   •   One Student  $300   •   2 Students  $200 each (includes Open Power Workouts)

Single Hitting Sessions   •   One Student  $65   •   2 Students  $40 each

** Special Pricing Offer - Good Through November 30, 2018 **

Purchase 5 Session Hit Series (no limit) before November 30, 2018 at today’s price of $250. Schedule additional Series for anytime before 11/1 2019. Note: Each additional Series must be completed within 2 months of the first Scheduled session of the additional Series.